Kyle Vanderniet

I am a father of three beautiful little girls and husband to a wonderful wife. I love woodworking, reading, games, gardening, and hiking. I have earned my Eagle scout award and love to camp. I enjoy learning new skills and am currently enjoying the process of learning Perl and Hausa.

I am regularly involved in my community in several capacities. I have been in the leadership of a national youth organization and in teaching religion courses. I also have a table at the local farmer's market.

Work Experience

I have 3 years of teaching experience at the university level, teaching courses in Linguistics and ESL. I currently teach Into to linguistics at UGA but, have taught phonetics/phonology at BYU. During my MA I  taught Intermediate level courses for adult learners in UVU's ESL program.

I have participated in a lot of non-pay work during my graduate studies. I produced a lecture series on using Excel for students and faculty of UGA that I presented in the UGA Digilab in several semesters. I was also instrumental in developing a program of observation, evaluation, and feedback for TA's and instructors. This has helped many people improve their teaching performance and provides a way for students to give anonymous, moderated feedback to the instructor.

I have also spent substantial amount of time working in offices in the private sector. I worked as a low level manager for 3 years at Vivint Solar and Ambassador Law. I then spent 4 years as a V.P of Customer Service at Legally Mine, where I was responsible for hiring, firing, training, and managing two departments. 

Educational Experience

I am a PhD Student at UGA in the Linguistics department. I primarily study Sociolinguistics and language acquisition. Currently, I am applying these topics as they relate to technology usage and online lingua franka.


I embarked on a two year service mission in South Korea where I was able to learn Korean. This is also where I first learned of Linguistics. I then completed a BA in political science at UVU where I thought my language abilities would be useful. However, I found I loved languages far more than political science and so pursued an MA in applied linguistics at BYU. I am now completing my Ph.D in linguistics at UGA.

During my time at UVU and BYU I took courses in ASL and have been able to use them in translating meetings on occasion. I was also had an opportunity to study Tongan and Hausa, each with a native speaker, as part of two different Field Methods courses. For the past two years I have been casually learning German in my own time.

While at UGA I have taken a great interest in statistical methods and computer programming in general. This naturally led me to be come proficient in entry level coding for Java, R, and Perl. I have had opportunities to use these skills on a variety of projects. This interest in programming has also lead me to pick up some JavaScript

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